Dana Arieli – The Zionist Phantom

A cura di Ermanno Tedeschi

Is Zionism a ghost?

Dana’s monumental work provides a glimpse of this Jewish movement through the images telling a story of suffering, sacrifice, joy that led to the birth of the State of Israel in 1948, although she argues that Zionist ideology risks quickly turning into a ghost. Throughout her work, she urges us to reflect on how the core of Zionist ideals held by previous generations is slowly fading away.

In “The Zionist Phantom”, no aspect has been left out: particularly interesting is the psychological introspection and the continuous relationship between architecture and landscape, materials, people and work, furnishings and nature.

I thank Dana for this gift, with the hope that “The Zionist Phantom” will not stop in Venice but will travel around Italy and Europe.

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22 maggio 2021

The Zionist Phantom di Dana Arieli

a cura di Ermanno Tedeschi

Palazzo Bembo,
Riva del Carbon, 30124, Venezia